The Rental review

The Rental is a fascinating psychological thriller from first-time director Dave Franco. Who also enlists an A-list ensemble cast of fan favorites including Dan Stevens(who gives his best performance since The Guest) and Alison Brie(yes she is married to Dave but if you see her in Horse Girl and Glow you know she’s much more than that).

It has a really run-of-the-mill simplistic plot that most beginners use in thriller-horror projects, but what Dave Franco does with hashing out the script, giving us characters we’re actually interested in. Knowing the may not be likable at all, but we still are engaged in the dysfunction of their relationships.

If we don’t have those characteristics of those involved, we may not have the same finesse product that we have. Major kudos goes out to the screenwriters in creating this psychological thriller that will have people talking long after the credits roll(which possibly sets up a sequel).

Dave Franco’s direction is also reason to believe that he will be a presence behind the camera for a long time to come. This is probably the directorial debut since Ben Affleck’s Gone Baby Gone. I know that statement may rub people the wrong way. Look how much better Ben’s career has been since he made the switch to also directing films. I think Dave will have the same success.

Overall grade:

5/5 stars

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