Alston Ramsay interview, writer for Blumhouse’s The Current Occupant

As we gear up for the weekend, Hulu has another installment of their long-running series Into The Dark. This weekend they will air The Current Occupant, which in my honest opinion is one of the strongest entries in the anthology series. Definitely the best one since Culture Shock. Here I talk to Alston Ramsay about the creative process of creating The Current Occupant. Here is a little background on Alston.

Alston Ramsay previously worked as a speechwriter in D.C. for the likes of Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, General David Petraeus, and Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson, and his experiences informed the creation of The Current Occupant.

Alston: Hi, AJ how are you where are you based?

AJ: I am from Charlotte NC

Alston: No kidding, I wasn’t expecting that! My brother and I are from there originally so we know that state pretty well

AJ: Yeah, it’s a pretty laid back state the more you think of it.

Aselton: Yeah, for sure it definitely is.

AJ: So how did The Current Occupant come about?

Alston: In terms of how the script, or how Blumhouse came to help produce it?

AJ: Let’s talk about how the original early stages

Alston: Sure, this all came about my background in politics in my years in Washington and my year in Afghanistan. My brother’s knowledge in genre certainly helped as well with the early stages in the process. Also bouncing around ideas with Blumhouse after we worked together on the tv series The Purge. Some of the early inspiration was the high level of Government I worked for. Also what would happen if you put the most powerful person on the planet in the most powerless situation. Especially when you look at institutional films they are all about people being in powerless situations. Soul crushing situations like Cool Hand Luke, One Flu Over The Cuckoo’s Nest.

AJ: Yes! I am so glad you brought up One Flu Over The Cuckoo’s Nest, that is one of the films I watched early on becoming a film buff and it just spoke volumes to me early on. When I was watching this film it felt like a mix of One Flu Over the Cuckoo’s Nest and Jacobs Ladder.

Alston: Ah, Yes!

AJ: Did any of those films kinda inspire the way you wrote The Current Occupant

Alston: Oh, of course, it’s interesting you mentioned Jacobs Ladder when we were talking to the director of photography. He was huge on making the film, making it look the way it looks and he was the first person who mentioned that while reading the script.

AJ: How was it like getting someone like Blumhouse involved in The Current Occupant?

Alston: It was great to have them involved my brother has talked to them about Into The Dark for a long time so he had an existing relationship with and we were fortunate to see the potential for The Current Occupant and with this being a tv show it still felt like you were making a feature film and it was fantastic working with the great creative minds they have at Blumhouse.

AJ: Speaking of the days you were in politics did you witness anything and you thought this could make for a great horror movie?

Alston: Haha, I don’t know if I can disclose any of that information. I think working in giant politics which many people do rather than the pentagon or smaller organizations we think sometimes we’re dealing with this cold uncaring machine.

AJ: Well Alston, thanks so much for joining us today at Infamous Horrors. we appreciate it.

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