Volition 2020 Review

Volition is a mind-boggling science thriller that will please many. This had to be such a daunting task to get this whole movie together and the payoff for the cast and crew must have been marvelous.

On this site, a lot of people may complain fast and say it isn’t necessarily a horror movie. Though we do in fact review dark comedies, science fiction, and thriller movies here as well. This is still quite the science fiction thriller to behold. The acting in this is so great and powerful.

When I was interviewing the filmmakers they told me they wanted to focus on making all the characters as grounded and realistic as they could in a science fiction movie. To their effort, it pays off exceedingly.

The pacing is also very fast-paced and the production feels like a big-screen movie. We have seen many movies over time here that the production and pacing aren’t there. This, however, is really fun to watch.

Overall grade:

4/5 stars


Volition is now available on all digital platforms

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