The Rental review

The Rental is a fascinating psychological thriller from first-time director Dave Franco. Who also enlists an A-list ensemble cast of fan favorites including Dan Stevens(who gives his best performance since The Guest) and Alison Brie(yes she is married to Dave but if you see her in Horse Girl and Glow you know she’s much more than that).

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Jim Gaffigan interview for Most Wanted

This is a pretty big deal for me, for the press day of the upcoming true crime film Most Wanted Jim Gaffigan agreed to speak with me. I have also been a fan of his since he played Hyde’s big brother from the Big Brother program on That 70s Show. Least to say I was a little nervous while conducting this interview. What Jim does in this movie is magical and you all should check it out!

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Most Wanted Review

While this film is not typical horror, it is a true-crime story we wanted to take a look at. With an all-star cast featuring Josh Hartnett and Jim Gaffigan(whom we also got to interview for this film), there are plenty of terrors you see in this film that shows Josh’s and Jim’s range and hopefully gets Jim Gaffigan much more needed serious dramatic work.

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