Sunset on The River Styx Review

With major blockbusters taking a hit this year with the coronavirus shutting down theaters we still have a surplus of great independent genre films gearing to come out. Sunset on The River Styx is no exception.

This visually stunning film starring 2019’s breakout indie star Phillip Andre(Pledge, The Art of Self Defense) does an admirable job carrying the load as the main lead here. This movie is definitely one of the more unique vampire films shot on a shoestring budget you’ll find with glorious jump sequences that will remind you of video game jump scenes.

Aaron Pagniano does such an incredible writing fantastic dialogue that gives his actors Phillip Andre and Jackie Jandrell have amazing chemistry throughout the film. The way he chose to direct this film must have been a bold choice and it really paid off. It’s very stylish and slick.

This may require some patience from most of our readers on this site because it is not a fast paced film by any means but it is worth while if you stick with it. There is some romance in here too if you want some romance with your horror every once in a while.

Overall grade:

4/5 stars

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