Circus of The Dead Review

Circus of The Dead may be the most deranged clown movie of the past five years, yes… That includes you Art the Clown. Billy Pon and company give us something special in the independent horror community. I told him that this screams to be seen on the biggest screen possible.

The acting by Bill Oberst Jr. is just awe-inspiring and something magnificent to behold. He carries the movie with such menacing and gravitas its no wonder why he is a cult icon and has the caliber he has gained over the years of his career.

Some of the supporting acting may not be as compelling as Bill Oberst Jr. but they are worth noting especially, Parrish Randall steals nearly every scene he is in. Even if it does call for him to chew up the scenery, he excels at it.

If you love your clowns to be depraved, this is the movie for you and one you will be telling all of your friends to check out! Billy Pon also keeps the intensity grounded and realistic here giving us the ultimate horror movie to revisit every Halloween.

Overall grade:

5/5 stars

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