The Twilight Zone season 2 review

As many horror fans know, getting a chance to review something like The Twilight Zone is a huge deal. So when our good friend Jen McGowan(Rust Creek) directed an episode from this upcoming season of Twilight Zone we had to ask her if she knew anyone that could point us in the way of reviewing the upcoming season. She came through for us at Infamous Horrors in a big way!

Some of you may know I thought the first the first season, was overly ambitious for its own good. However, season two takes a step back and reminds us why The Twilight Zone is a historic piece in horror and science fiction art.

CBS All Access is the wonderful streaming service from CBS. Jordan Peele is still a magnificent storyteller even though I was underwhelmed by US.

Now let’s get into the new season. The first episode I watched happens to be the season finale with Jimmi Simpson giving a masterful performance that should remind us once again this It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia actor has such dynamic range and the fact he hasn’t had his own film by now baffles me. Also, a scene-stealing Gillan Jacobs, even though you only hear her voice most of the episode she’s still cultivating. The story in Meet In The Middle is a hopeless romantic love fantasy go awry.

Gillan Jacobs ”Meet In The Middle”

The second episode they sent us was The Who Of You. Which was a very ambitious heist thriller episode that would make Cristopher Nolan proud. Featuring a powerful performance from Billy Porter and Daniel Sunjata who should be on everyone’s watch list after this season giving a very charismatic controlling screen presence here is admirable to witness. This may be my favorite one of the bunch they sent me to review here. I will be interested in seeing people’s reactions to this episode after the launch.

Daniel Sunjata gives a charismatic performance.
Billy Porter is breathtaking in The Twilight Zone season 2

However, like most anthology series there are some episodes that won’t be up to par as the rest of the bunch and Twilight Zone season two is no exception to that. You Might Also Like seems like one that falls in the category as too ambitious to me or I’ve seen too many replicas of the same plot this year with the outstanding Vivarium and the flat out awful Room now streaming on shudder. Gretchen Mol seems out of place in this episode that seems to be a drag for everyone involved. Great Lee also gives a performance that doesn’t seem suited for her or that she wasn’t clear on what was going on in this over-ambitious episode.

However, if the mold of season two continues as it has in these three episodes they sent us to review. We are in for one hell of a treat as horror and science fiction fans with performances we will be talking about all summer long.

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