Interview with Director Joshua Caldwell for Infamous

This week we were lucky enough to chat with Joshua Caldwell for his new movie Infamous starring the always brilliant Bella Thorne also features an appearance from the most recent Pinhead Paul Taylor. We hope you enjoy the interview as much as we did!

AJ: What were some of the inspirations for writing this film?

Josh: I was hugely Interested in heist movies Bonnie and clyde the thing about Bonnie and Clyde they weren’t turned into celebrities it was a really interesting to see those type of characters in today’s society.

AJ: Whenever you write a script where do you like to start?

Josh: From the beginning thinking of who are these people and it really became about the people and it become unrelenting people. It’s really fascinating to see this all unravel in front of you because you don’t really know the characters yet and what they do totally surprises you. There’s a platform for these type of people with Instagram for Natural Born Killers type of characters

AJ: How was it working with the cast?

Josh: It was so easy trying to figure out their world and working with Bella she knew that world and really let go and played a wildly type character, it was her first day we didn’t great amount of time and everyone so welcoming and took on the challenge. To see her just dive into her role and like you said give a breakthrough performance in front of our eyes was just astonishing, we were so thrilled working together on set.

AJ: Also working with such a great actor like Paul Taylor who was the latest Pinhead?

Josh: Paul Taylor was great I feel kinda bad because the past three days he was basically playing a dead character. He was such a great sport and a better person on the set. It’s surreal to get all these people working together it was just a blast.

AJ: What are some of your favorite horror movies?

Josh: Not really enthralled with horror, but I love when they mix in the tension with the drama to fuck with the audience. Even with stuff like Psycho and I had a couple of great friends who wrote A Quiet Place and thought they absolutely killed it and knocked it out of the park.

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