Infamous(2020) review

Infamous summed up perfectly is… Natural Born Killers for the Instagram era. That’s exactly what we get here. Equally unlikeable characters with good performances that are often over-the-top especially from Bella Thorne who is in this channeling her best Spring Breakers which was full of former Disney stars gone bad.

Bella Thorne stars in Infamous

Bella Thorne really gave it her all in this chilling unrelenting performance which could be her breakthrough with this gearing up to take over Drive-Ins across the country. It’s nice to see the independent film industry make a comeback during the pandemic.

I’m sure audiences will get a kick out of the over-the-top action in this dark comedy. For most of our audience on Infamous Horrors, this is by no means a horror flick. If you’re into stuff like Bonnie and Clyde and Natural Born Killers you’ll enjoy this film. If you want straight-up horror steer clear of this one.

3.5/5 stars

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