Shirley Review

Ah, Elisabeth Moss how I adore your acting abilities. Something in Shirley just didn’t sit well with me. The acting, directing, and cinematography was all there even the pacing. So what was the issue I had with this one?

It was the bland story they chose to use for an iconic horror author Shirley Jackson who has inspired the likes of fan-favorite Stephen King. The story of her inviting a live-in couple while trying to write a book seemed like it was trying to be more melancholy than it actually was.

This probably won’t be the home-run follow up to The Invisible Man that most of us wanted. Even though it probably wasn’t on the shelve for a while from the studio it just feels like so many other movies we’ve seen in the past that features a now big named star that it finally sees the light of day.

I would recommend our readers to wait for it to be streaming somewhere like Hulu, with this being released by NEON it may be there sooner than later with a handful of their new releases already on the platform like the terrific Spaceship Earth, The Lodge, and Oscar Winner Parasite.

Overall grade:

2.5/5 stars

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