Fulci For Fake Chattanooga Film Festival review

Fulci for Fake is a new documentary highlighting the work and life of legendary filmmaker Lucio Fulci who directed Zombi, The Beyond, City Of The Living Dead, The House by The Cemetery, The New York Ripper and much, much more.

He is a cult director so it’s rather you love his films or find them overrated. I enjoyed most of his work over the years getting into the horror genre. This documentary however is really touching and thought provoking. His daughter is completely lovable in how they portray here.

It’s really heartwarming to see what his work meant to so many people, while this may not be my favorite documentary of the year it is worth seeking out for many Fulci die hard fans out there in the horror community as there is many. Most of you will enjoy this documentary thoroughly.

Overall grade:

3/5 stars

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