Scare Package review (Chattanooga Film Festival)

Scare Package is a new horror anthology that tries too hard to be tongue in cheek with how it all unfolds. To me, it was just one big giant eye roll. I’ve seen some people like it from the Chattanooga Film Festival, me however it was like a chore to get through.

It is being released by Shudder so it is bound to find it’s audience for sure. One of my biggest issues with Scare Package is that to me it felt like it was made ironically. This is a thin line to cross when making a movie. It’s rather people trying to rip off The Room style of acting and directing or ripping off Troma.

In the end Scare Package was a huge mess even a big cameo in the horror community just made me roll my eyes and I love the guy. This is in the running for the worst horror anthology of the year.

Overall grade

1/5 stars

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