Inheritance Review

Inheritance is a stunning thriller starring Lilly Collins and Simon Pegg in a role you’ve haven’t seen him yet and he actually lost an astounding amount of weight for this role and he commands the screen which was very admirable to see him do.

Simon Pegg’s weight transformation for Inheritance.

Lilly Collins also gives a breakout performance standing head to head with great actors such as Pegg and Patrick Warburton who also finally has a role showcasing his range where he plays it straight and I had such a fun time talking to the director about his choice of casting Patrick when we primarily know him for his time with Seth McFarlane.

Simon Pegg in Inheritance

This one is sure to surprise most of our readers on the site who waiting to see Simon Pegg try something different and I’m really glad he chose to do this movie. The plot is also never weak in this film. Even at almost two hours it never feels like it drags.

Overall grade

5/5 stars

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