100-Million-Year-Old ‘Spider’ With A Scorpions Tail Found

So as we enter the next chapter in the apocalypse, we now have found a 100 million year old spiders with scorpion tails.

Yeah, this isn’t exactly the best year for the human race as we first had COVID19 then they recently found murder hornets which I’m still hoping Michael Jordan changes the Charlotte Hornets name to the Charlotte Murder Hornets.

This creature was found within some amber an is easily 100 million years old. It is called the Chimerarachne yingi and seems to have the boy of a spider all the while also having the tail of a scorpion. Yes, it does look like something out of a nightmare. It has fangs, eight legs, and somehow so much more.

This specific ‘spider’ specimen was discovered in Myanmar which for those who do not know is formerly Burma. This is a place that brings forth a lot of ambers and this find is one for the books, that’s for sure. Now, this spider was given the name Chimerachne yingi because it translates to chimaera spider according to USA Today.

What do you think of 2020?

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