Sea Fever Review

Sometimes, a small movie will blow you away with the amount of effort put into the production and sweep you off your feet. This year that movie is Sea Fever. Some will see it as a poor mans Underwater and sure while they share similar plots and influences. Though the director of Sea Fever told me she has never read H.P. Lovecraft the elements are there in Sea Fever and it makes it one hell of a treat for horror fans and science fiction fans alike.

The scenery is so well captured here the film is a marvel to look at. The performances by the actors are all knockouts. In a year where a pandemic, unfortunately, has things shut down this would be a movie to see with a big screen and a huge crowd. The tension is so thick you can cut with a knife.

The direction is also a stunner to admire how tight everything moves from the opening frame to the final climax. It’s a perfect creature for the year that stands toe to toe with Underwater.

Overall grade:

5/5 stars.

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