The Shelter 2016 Review

During the global pandemic of Covid19, a former critic and friend of mine contacted me asking if I could review his debut film I remember loving it when it first came out and boy does it still pack a punch.

One of the critics I have looked up to even before I was a critic made his directorial debut back in 2016 with the bold debut The Shelter staring a God-Like Michael Pare. This is a slow-burn film that may turn off some of our readers but it’s a helluva debut if you give it a chance. It’s best to have it turned up loud and having a stiff drink next to you(if you do drink).

It does take a while to build up, but once it does it’s an enthralling story about losing and finding your faith(Maybe John Fallon is a R.E.M. Fan?) what he does in his first directing gig is admirable, he takes chances a lot of people wouldn’t take on their first gig and play it safe altogether. Not John however and I applaud him for it.

If you ever had an experience with alcoholism and losing your faith and finding it I would highly recommend giving this a watch as it doesn’t hold back.

Overall grade:

5/5 stars

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