‘Extraterrestrial’ is arguably one of the most disappointing films ever created

Although I don’t always agree with ratings provided on Rotten Tomatoes, I believe their rating of 29% is justifiable, if not generous.

It draws on themes of other sci-fi films like Signs and War of the Worlds, and yet can not deliver on its generic trope.

Similar to the aforementioned movies, viewers don’t even get to see a UFO until at least a half hour into the movie.

When I tune into a movie about aliens, I could care less about the over-played will-they-won’t-they romance, the possible consequences of divorce on children, or the damning effects of war on the psyche of veterans.

I want to see aliens. I want to see abductions. I want to feel a sense of not being alone in the universe, but somewhat afraid of what might be out there.

The movie titled extraterrestrial did none of those things. In fact, there was nothing “extra” about the movie at all.

Please sound off below, and let’s have a polite debate about what you believe to be the best alien invasion or abduction movie made in the last decade.

Article written by Michael Donaldson

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