Sony pushes back more films

Hello darkness my old friend, COVID19 has struck the movie industry again. Sony had decided to do the smart thing and move their blockbusters to next year. With all current productions on half indefinitely until this thing is straightened out. It’s probably the smart move to put movies out next year that are already completed.

I know some are disappointed by this news that we won’t get to see Morbius or Ghostbusters: Afterlife this year, but it’s best to just play everything safe. I for one want to see these two films on the biggest screen possible.

In the meantime, since we’re all stuck at home you can do a little research on Alamo Drafthouse’s virtual cinema where they will be doing their Terror Tuesday’s and Weird Wednesday’s virtually, which is cool for people like me who don’t live close to one and now we can finally experience it.

Both films are set to release March 2021.

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