Romero Pictures and Indie Brigade hosting a virtual convention

Thanks to our friends over at Romero Pictures and the Indie Brigade we are getting a virtual convention. This seems to be a game-changing event during the Covid19 outbreak we can stay at home and enjoy a solid convention with big-name genre actors and other character actors from fan-favorite films such as Clerks and Chasing Amy(my all-time personal favorite film).

This will be a really cool event for people like me that struggle with anxiety and always find a way of talking themselves out of going to a huge convention, it will feature the likes of icons Kane Hodder and Richard Grieco.

Here is a statement from their official press release you can check out!


Ticket Holders can interact live with celebrities in real-time and participate in 8 hours of live streaming panels! Def-Con 1 is a brand new concept by Romero Pictures and the Indie Brigade and is designed to not only bring our community of indie creators together but also as a way for indie creators to reach and interact with their fans while providing a centralized vendor space for fans and ticket holders to support their favorite artists.

In light of the current state of emergency surrounding the Coronavirus: Covid-19, our vendors, artists and celebrities keep 100% of their sales and there is no cost to for themto participate. Def-Con 1 is a convention for the community to help support itself through these turbulent times

You can get your tickets now at

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