The Hunt Review

What a pleasant surprise this was! Going into The Hunt it’s safe to say my expectations were low. Typically, you all should know how I mainly feel about Blumhouse(a protege of the Weinstein’s even though he has distanced himself from them). He has several movies under his belt I love and most I hate.

He struck gold with The Invisible Man and a month later, struck gold again with The Hunt. At a lean run time of 90 minutes, there’s no time to mess around. There’s an epic cold open that sets the tempo off right and Glenn Howerton gives a helluva performance and sets the satire bowl rolling right off the bat.

While watching the trailers for this film, I got a major A Most Dangerous game vibe. People wanted to say The Belko Experiment but come on. Even though it involves a group of people the inspiration from A Most Dangerous game is there in spades, if you’ve never read the short story, I suggest you do. It’s a timeless tale.

The main reason this movie is a winner is because of the incredible masterful performance of Betty Gilpin(Netflix’s Glow) as Crystal she absolutely owns this role and gave her all to the character development, this movie honestly has no business being as good as it was. It really surprised me and the knockout cameo from Hilary Swank brought the perfect kind of camp B movie entertainment this movie needed to seal the deal.

The Hunt really shoots for it and delivers a home run.

Overall grade:

4/5 stars

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