Max Van Sydow Star of The Exorcist and Flash Gordon dies at 90

The legendary actor Max Van Sydow who is most known from The Exorcist and Flash Gordon. As well as Game of Thrones and Star Wars. He was also nominated for two Academy Awards, for best actor in the late 1980s for his portrayal of a penniless farmer in “Pelle the Conqueror” and for best supporting actor in 2012 for his role as a mute in the 9/11-related drama “Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close.”

In 2017 he received an Los Angeles Film Critics Association career achievement award. Sydow became an icon during the ’50s and ’60s playing a part in Swedish filmmaker Ingmar Bergman’s brooding existential dramas, such as “The Seventh Seal.” Which is currently streaming on The Criterion Channel if you have an account with them.

He also worked with the acclaimed directors Martin Scorsese, Steven Spielberg, Sydney Pollack, Woody Allen, John Huston, Ridley Scott and William Friedkin. He maintained his horror relevance in films like “Needful Things” playing The Devil in that film, and also “Shutter Island”.

What are some of your favorite Max Von Sydow roles?

Article written by AJ Friar

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