The Invisible Man Review

The Invisible Man is a stunning film, I had moderate expectations for it. Knowing it was a Blumhouse production and typically he isn’t my cup of tea. However, when being The Invisible Man, it was like a breath of fresh air in the genre that felt dead. Leigh Whannell is primarily known as a co-creator for Saw and Insidious and somewhat of being James Wan’s right-hand man. Now we got a glimpse of what he could do with his previous film Upgrade.

He created the perfect Universal Monster film for the modern age and the #METOO movement, as great friend Adam Marcus told me on my podcasts, what makes horror so great is that you can give people vegetables with their deserts. What he meant by that is that you can still give audiences plenty of scares with a thinkers undertone. Which Leigh did masterfully here.

The Invisible Man is much more than a typical monster movie, which may turn some audience members off. I get that, people see movies to escape from the outside world and don’t want to be reminded of what goes on with domestic disturbance. However, if you like a horror movie with a tad more thinking involved this will be for you. Elisabeth Moss also gives a top-notch, Oscar-caliber performance here. She is much more than just a scream queen and she has the goods that will have her as a breakout star. When she becomes an A-LIST star we will point to this performance on because of why she is.

Overall grade:


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