The Lodge Review

Whew, this one is a bleak movie man, very bleak. If you didn’t enjoy Hereditary at all this one won’t be for you. However these are the horror movies I grew up. Perfectly atmospheric feel of dread and real life horror, that makes it better than having jump scares and action going on.

You’re really going to need to be paying attention in the first hour or so because there’s so much going on that it requires multiple views and which I’m going to watch it again tomorrow. The pace for me moved by so quickly because it was a thinking person’s physiological horror movie that takes you back to the 70’s, I guess this is why Hammer films also signed as a partner to produce this.

There are so many twists and turns in this but it never fails to amaze, which falls heavily on the vision of the directors and the actors who have to pull off this daunting picture, it’s a special horror film we don’t often get in the days of non stop PG13 remakes(cough, cough.. Black Christmas and Fantasy Island) this is a really refreshing time at the cinema and the acting which is hauntingly mesmerizing.

Overall grade:

5/5 stars

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