The Lodge interview with Lia McHugh and Jaeden Martell

Today we had the excellent opportunity to speak with two brilliant young actors(Lia McHugh and Jaeden Martell) for the upcoming film The Lodge. The Lodge is a really bleak film so it’s always interesting to hear what the young talent of the film has to say about their experience with it.

The Lodge interview:

1. What got you interested in this film?

Jaeden: For me it was the vision of Severin and Veronika, I watched Goodnight Mommy and I was blown away by it, then after I met Severin and Veronika I was all in.

Lia McHugh: I completely agree with Jaeden on that it was an incredible experience with those two.

2. What was your first reaction after reading the script?

Jaeden: After I read the script I was like wow I’ve never seen a script like this before and it was really satisfying.

Lia McHugh: Yeah, it was unbelievable after reading the script it was surreal to be able to have Severin and Veronika being able to see a vision like that.

3. How did you feel about the twists and turns this film took?

Lia McHugh: There was so much going on in the script it was daunting and so well written.

Jaeden: I agree with Lia on that it was a blast seeing it all unravel in front of you.

4. How was it like knowing that a legendary studio like Hammer films was behind this?

Jaeden: Yes, it’s really gratifying to have a studio being behind your film especially one like Hammer films which has been around for decades and their belief in horror films it’s really satisfying.

5. How fulfilling is it to know this film is getting such critical acclaim?

Lia McHugh: Oh it’s so rewarding seeing it get great reviews because of how hard everyone worked on the film, and it’s like everything we aimed for is coming true for the film and we’re excited to see people react to it.

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