New Silent Hill movie coming

Christophe Gans said he is working on a new Silent Hill film, while the first two weren’t necessarily huge successes it looks like we’re getting a third entry to the franchise. Personally myself, I am intrigued by the proposition of a new film by the original director. The sequel looked really interesting to me at the time it came out but I never got around to seeing it.

Back to the story. Director Christophe Gans recently told French website Allocine that he’s working on two projects. The first is a movie based on Fatal Frame, aka Project Zero. According to Google Translate, he said, “The film will take place in Japan. I especially don’t want to uproot the game from its Japanese haunted house setting.” Then he went on to talk about the new Silent Hill movie. “The project will always be anchored in this atmosphere of a small American town, ravaged by Puritanism. I think it’s time to make a new one.”

What do you think of a new Silent Hill film?

Article written by AJ Friar

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