Daniel Isn’t Real review

Daniel isn’t real is quite the experience in horror, while not necessarily scary and terrifying. It is quite tense and thrilling to see this whole thing play out.

Patrick Schwarzenegger(yes Arnold’s son) gives us a star making performance that we won’t soon forget. His turn as Daniel is one fans of the genre will appreciate with it being a difficult task of playing an imaginary friend. The charisma he must have for this character and the tension he must also bring to Luke is unbelievable. 

I asked the director in an interview the difficulties of finding an actor was to play this part and it’s almost comparable to Adrien Grenier playing Vincent Chase In Entourage, where it’s almost an impossible task to pull it off and make it believable. Patrick really goes all out here and this is mainly his movie.

This isn’t your typical slasher horror if you’re one of the ones that associates with that with horror, stay away if you want that. If you do however want some thinking to go with your horror this is a welcomed addition.

Overall grade:

5/5 stars

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