Blumhouse is developing a new version of ‘The Thing’

Universal and Blumhouse are preparing to give us a new adaptation of The Thing. There have been three versions of the source material already from the novel Who Goes There? However, this version will be from the recently unearthed longer version of the novel from Frozen Hell.

Hopefully, there will be more to uncover in this Blumhouse adaptation, citing that is a much longer novel than the previous Who Goes There?

Frozen Hell was originally brought to life via a Kickstarter campaign and had the following synopsis of the story.

In 1938, acclaimed science fiction author John W. Campbell published the novella Who Goes There?, about a team of scientists in Antarctica who discover and are terrorized by a monstrous, shape-shifting alien entity. The story would later be adapted into John Carpenter’s iconic movie The Thing (following an earlier film adaptation in 1951). The published novella was actually an abridged version of Campbell’s original story, called ‘Frozen Hell,’ which had to be shortened for publication. The Frozen Hell manuscript remained unknown and unpublished for decades, and it was only recently rediscovered. Frozen Hell expands the Thing story dramatically, giving vital backstory and context to an already incredible tale. We are pleased and honored to offer Frozen Hell to you now, as Campbell intended it. You will be among the first people to ever read this completed version of the story.

Article written by AJ Friar

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