‘Blair Witch’ creators want to expand the universe

The Blair Witch creators recently said they want to expand the universe of the franchise, the first one is often referred as a cult classic while its sequels have gotten mixed responses at best it seems like their wanting to find a way to expand the universe.Turns out they have plans for a few more movies, including one in a similar tone to The Witch. They would also like to explore further the story of Rustin Parr, the man mentioned in the original film who was driven to kill multiple children by the spirit of the witch and whose method of killing gave us the iconic image of Michael standing in the corner just before the camera cut to black. Which in my opinion was the creepiest part of the original film.They also said this about the universe “We set up a universe, a Blair Witch universe that is by design, to be explored,” Myrick told the hosts. “That’s been our pitch to Lionsgate since day one…and I think it can still be done.”I personally think it works better as a tv series a la American Horror Story where they can do anthologies each season then find a way to connect them all at the end.What do you think of more Blair Witch films?

Article written by AJ Friar

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