‘The Grudge’ review

Well… Tonight we find out if all successful foreign franchises are worth revisiting.

The Grudge is certainly an interesting story, Ju-On is for sure a classic supernatural scare-fest that still hasn’t found its niche in the States. For whatever it’s worth we finally have a great cast including John Cho(Star Trek) Lin Shaye(Insidious) Demián Bichir(The Bridge) Andrea Riseborough who had a breakout performance in 2018’s batshit cult classic ”Mandy” and Betty Gilpin from Glow.

This whole cast deserved better material, they sure as hell tried to bring it to live but it still fell flat… Maybe if it was in Philadelphia it would have a brighter outcome. Now we finally see why the studio pushed it back to January 3rd… It just isn’t that great. The direction and the timelines in the movie were lazy along with very generic jump scares almost made it a laughable experience. There’s some part of me thinking if it was longer there would be more explanations to the characters backstory and maybe we would care for them then. Until I see that version, you won’t be interested in the development of the characters in front of you where most just feel like a forced extended cameo.

If you’re expecting a really tense ominous supernatural flick you’ll be in for one huge disappointment. The Grudge shows we can put together a knock out cast for one of these American reboots but we still need someone who can take care of the source material with a solid script.

Final grade:


Article written by AJ Friar

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