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In my top ten list of the year, I may have some people who are scratching their heads. After all, this is my list and it’s always fun to see people’s different tastes. Without further ado, here are my top horror films of the year.

Top 10 Horror Films of 2019

1. Doctor Sleep: When I first read the book I honestly put it down almost instantly, I wasn’t into the story. Then a month went by I went back to it and really fell for the characters this time. The movie adaptation did a fantastic job of handling the story while treating both versions of The Shining with respect.

2. Midsommar: A24 is the new Miramax, it’s striving after TWC fell apart after the whole Harvey Weinstein debacle. A lot of people don’t love slow burn horror films and understandably so for me this one worked on all cylinders.

3. The Lighthouse : Probably Robert Pattinson’s most physically demanding role since The Childhood of a Leader(streaming on Hulu), he absolutely knocks this batshit of a movie out of the park and Willem deserves an Oscar nomination in his supporting part.

4. It Chapter 2: This choice is bound to upset some, I absolutely loved the cast for the most part in this it was like a dream cast for those who loved Chapter One. The effects drive me nuts in this at points but the character development was something to watch, especially Bill Hader’s performance deserves lots of love.

5. Culture Shock: While technically a Hulu original movie this is still my top 5 of the year, such an important story and easily comparable to the Oscar darling Get Out it’s simply breathtaking to watch and will give you nightmares for days.

6. Crawl: When I first made my list Tigers Are Not Afraid originally had this spot upon some reevaluating I had to switch it up and add this sleeper hit of 2019 in my top 10 boosted by incredible writing and tension it’s an easy to consume 85 minutes that will make everybody wanting a creature feature happy for years to come. This will now be essential Halloween viewing.

7. Bloodline: One film that may be under the radar to some is the Sean William Scott vehicle Bloodline which works a lot like Dexter in a feature-length format and one that I can not recommend enough.

8. Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark: This one to me is an important one to those that have young kids or are those cool uncles and aunts like me dying to show their nephews or nieces a scary movie for the first time when they’re old enough to view it, the Creepshow of this generation should be getting a lot more love.

9. Luz: When I first caught the screener for review, I didn’t know what to think. Supposedly it was a student film but damn if this is true and it is just a student film this filmmaker should be on everyone’s to watch list. It’s one of the best possessions movies in a long time and sets the bar high for whatever the filmmaker does next.

10. Annabelle Comes Home: While not the best of The Conjuring universe it is the best of the Annabelle spin-offs, it features a lot of great special effects and performances it’s a fun ride that proves the sustainability of The Conjuring universe for a long time to come.

Honorable Mentions:

1. Lords of chaos

2. Extremely Wicked, shockingly evil and vile

3. The Head Hunter

4. Horror Noire

5. Tigers Are Not Afraid

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