‘Daniel Isn’t Real’ interview with Adam Egypt Mortimer

AJ did another interview, this time with the man behind ‘Daniel Isn’t Real’. Read the interview below:

1- What was the difficulty of bringing the novel to live?

The main difficulty was bringing the imaginary friend to live because it was so hard to find someone who could be that charming and narcissistic as well as a physical presence. There was even some talks about not having the imaginary friend be there at all and I was like No that’s how the book is he needs to be there.

2- Did you want to be close to the novel while providing your own spin on the material?

I wrote the screenplay with the novelist and we felt like we could change the material however we wanted to. While respecting the material of the material the novel is actually told from Daniels POV which is really interesting for a book like this but for a movie it’s a little bit more difficult we need to see the character reacting so we felt okay making changing to cosmic horror.

3- Was there any difficulties trying to cast the imaginary friend?

It was incredibly difficult to cast Daniel people suggesting that we don’t see Daniel and I said no the movie has to show how they interact it wasn’t until the last week of preparation till we found someone to play Daniel we thought who’s going to be able to wear these insane clothes and pull of this psychotic look thankfully I was able to find Patrick.

4- How was it working with Patrick on this film?

It was interesting, the thing about him you gotta find out if he’s had everything handing to him but he was so into it and creating his backstory and what lit it on fire was first day of shooting we told him he was going to be dancing and he said what do you mean and he just nails it and he really became this sinister character.

5- How was it like working with Spectrevision?

Their awesome the thing I love about them is no matter who you work with your going to have creative conflict but they embraced everything and they wanted to help and now I am currently in the process of working on another project with them.

Daniel isn’t Real is coming to theater and on demand streaming services 12/6/19.


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