Interview with ‘The Shed’ director Frank Sabatella

Our writer AJ did an interview with director Frank Sabatella about his new film The Shed. Read it now:

1- What was the inspiration for this film?

Inspiration was films fright night lost boys rivers edge. I wanted these characters to have that sense of disconnect and sense of dread through the film.

2- What was the best part about the filming process to you?

The entire process was enjoyable even though it was tense the crew was phenomenal, everyone really knocked it out of the park

3- Was there anything you planned to do originally for the film but couldn’t because of the budget or it didn’t fit with the finished story?

I’m sure there was there’s always something bigger you wanted to I had bigger ideas for the visual effects.

4- Did it help you be more creative with the budget?

Oh yeah in a very effective way, coming up with ideas to think outside of the box to overcome obstacles due to the budget.

5- You also have produced movies worked on visual effects and as a cinematographer. Which would you say is the most challenging?

It’s all very challenging cinematography is the most challenging but it’s also the most rewarding. Directing is my favorite.

6- If there’s anything you would say to people trying to break in to the movie business what would it be?

I think understand it’s very difficult to get a movie made and have the strength to keep going and keep pushing. Persistence is the key I had the film this The Shed it took years for this to get made.

The Shed is out NOW on every platforms.

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