‘Doctor Sleep’ review

Doctor Sleep is going to surely separate its fandom those who’ve read the book however will love how they took great care of what the book great. it’s much more of a fantasy film and a moody atmosphere than a slasher film so if you’re wanting a slasher film stay home. The acting is really top notch and Rose The Hat is the most iconic female villain we’ve seen in a very long time very devious and deliciously demented.

Ewan McGregor as Danny Torrence ended up being the perfect casting choice early on when it was announced I had my doubts about it but he really dominated the screen here and carried the difficulty of playing a role like Danny. Or as you will soon know him as Uncle Dan.

Kyliegh Curran is the breakout star of the film that will soon be a star in future films. I wouldn’t be surprised if she is booked for years to come she was outstanding it was a strong performance from such a young actress that will be a crowd pleaser for many that end up enjoying the film.

Final grade:


Article written by Aaron Friar

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