‘3 From Hell’ review

After Rob Zombies unsuccessful films such as the Halloween remake and its sequel followed by the experimental Lords of Salem(which I personally loved) and the unanimously hated 31. He goes back to the franchise that made him the director everyone seemed to love in the beginning. We take a look at 3 From Hell to see if he can catch up to the days of House of a thousand corpses and The Devil Rejects.

Readers should take note it took me forever to appreciate Zombie as a film maker I wasn’t in love with the previous two movies of this franchise till this year. I love the grind house feel of his filmmaking. It continues here in 3 From Hell. The directing and pacing are very good here as for the performances Sheri Moon Zombie is as demented as ever as Baby and Bill Mosley is the real hero of the actors involved he just commands the screen in a way that is so underrated and he deserves much more credit that is given to him and for those hoping that Sid Haig will have a huge part in 3 From Hell will be truly disappointed which is the only real gripe I have with this film. He’s barely in it and it’s sad that he is now dead. However there are plenty of side characters that keep 3 From Hell really fun and is a step above House but I don’t think it’s better than The Devils Rejects. If you like Rob Zombies films you should love it’s pretty much a perfect trilogy for the franchise if you don’t like his films I don’t think this will change your mind on him as a filmmaker. Over all I really enjoyed this latest entry.

4/5 stars.

Article written by Aaron Friar

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