[Review] Wrinkles The Clown is one of the most entertaining horror docs since ‘The Nightmare’

Now this is how you make on of the most entertaining horror docs since “The Nightmare” this is about a clown figure from Florida called “Wrinkles”.

It builds up on how fast folklores are built in the digital age and how a movement like this can gradually escalate. Wrinkles the clown was created as a disciplinary service for parents who has misbehaving kids. Which may seem a little bit much to some but with how sensitive our society has become to disciplining kids this should come as no surprise why someone would create a figure so notorious as Wrinkles The Clown.

As a documentary aspect it’s fascinating to see all the people that have called for Wrinkles services I know if I was a kid and this happened to me I would be pissed scared and never disrespect my parents again. They also so how people leave Wrinkles death threats and how harassing people can be especially the kids who can’t believe there’s someone like Wrinkles The Clown exists and yes kids he’s real. So beware.

The film synopsis:

Mysterious videos appear on the internet of a clown who likes to scare misbehaving children in Florida.

The film is now available on all digital platforms.

Overall grade: 4/5

Article written by Aaron Friar

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