[Review] Joker delivers the high expectations in a fantastic way

Joker release in theaters TONIGHT and we saw an exclusive early screening.

We were speechless at the end of the film. The film is not a film with a lot of action but the build up to the story of one of the most villain character in film history was well done.

Joaquin Phoenix delivered the merchandise as the famous Joker. His character was dark, crazy & uncomfortable. I thought that nobody could be better than Heath Ledger but I was wrong. Phoenix was born to play the Joker. Literally.

Technically, the film was perfect. This is how you make a movie on a character. We want to see how the villain becomes a bad character and it’s exactly what we see in this film. Some will say it has low moments but these moments were needed.

Overall, the film was perfect. Phoenix is an amazing Joker and he is so good we forget that there is an actor behind this character.

Go see it this weekend, Joker is NOW PLAYING.

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