Interview with Bill Moseley

We were lucky enough to have Bill Mosley join us to talk the upcoming 3 From Hell and send our thoughts to Sid Haig and his family.

AJ: Hey Bill, how are you doing today?

Bill Mosley: I’m good thanks for having me and spreading the word about “3 From Hell”.

AJ: Was there anything about this franchise that surprised you on it being so successful the past decade?

Bill Mosley: um you know not really when I was first doing it I was really focused on hitting my marks. I didn’t think those thoughts at all. I never really had time to consider. Between the past 14 years i also think The Devils Rejects is one of those lucky movies where everything worked from the soundtrack to the acting to the story everything was just there also I’ve done a lot of horror conventions with Sid Haig and we would get questions on if there will be anymore Rejects and we would look at each other and he said Nope then count to three and he said Because were Fucking dead! Rob chose the sheriff departments be terrible shots and that’s how we ended up surviving.

AJ: I’ve looked at the Fathom events and it looks to be doing really good in my town. Without giving away too much what can you tell people to expect from 3 From Hell?

Bill Mosley: well a great story with great dialogue and it looks fantastic I think it will make people happy and remind people that they should have been missing us and we are back!

AJ: and of course our thoughts are with Sid Haig!

Bill Mosley: yes! I just read from his wife’s Instagram that were waiting on news. Recently he received the Vincent Price award and he looked really good and he just turned 80 so that’s when you gotta be really careful so yeah let’s hope for the best.

AJ: one last thing Bill I just wanted to throw out a fun tidbit for people reading or listening to the interview that you were in Army of Darkness as the Deadite Captain.

Bill Mosley: Yes! As I like to say I survived Army of Darkness I was on horseback led the storm on the castle I was pretty much blind doing it so I’m glad I survived! Galloping a horse in 4 am I love Sam and Bruce Campbell those guys really do know how to make a movie.

See Bill in ‘3 From Hell’, coming soon.

Tickets for the September 16th/17th/18th nationwide release of 3 FROM HELL are available at

Article written by Aaron Friar

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