[Review] ‘IT: Chapter Two’ is the perfect sequel


This one was most certainly an epic film running at an astounding 2 hour and 49 minute runtime I can see immediate complaints for why is it too long? Well for me it didn’t feel like a near 3 hours at all in fact I found myself wanting it not to end and just have more to the story. If this makes as much as their estimating($150 million opening weekend) I’m sure there’s room for a prequel about the mythology of Pennywise and even the first ritual of chùd which would be amazing for the visuals in this second part out does themselves in other wise is another hit or miss with CGI which is still annoying in spades and is really one of my only complaints of the film that carries from Chapter one. The corpses was just promotional to the first part and I felt like some of the corpses looked borrowed from The Walking Dead. Over all I really loved the movie.

The opening sequence is bound to spark controversy even though it all connects by the end of the film even I thought it was gratuitous and unnecessary until the final act. The opening stayed so close to the book it was a real treat to watch on the big screen especially seeing the red balloons cover the whole screen “Come Home,Come Home, Come Home”(see this in IMAX or Dolby Cinema if you can). From there were introduced to the adult loser club as Mike calls them all for the pact they made 27 years ago because IT has returned.

When we meet the adult losers(James McAvoy, Jessica Chastain, Bill Hader) we see how their lives has changed Richie Tozier(Bill Hader in an Oscar worthy performance) is a stand up comic. Bill is now an author(in which the screenplay takes full advantage of shoving to Stephen King’s critics) and Beverly is married to someone who is a lot like her father(there is also a scene dealing with domestic violence here which may be tough for some to watch) as she gets the phone call from Mike she packs suddenly trying to leave before her husband wakes up and if you read the book you know how violent things get between them.

Here we are at the restaurant when the loser club comes face to face with the memories that have all but dissolved from their brains. Mike explains to them that something weird happens when you move from Derry it’s like the things you should be able to remember get fuzzy to the point you just forget until you comeback but for Mike he never left Derry so he remembers EVERYTHING.

One thing I will give this adaptation it is never slow at least to me it wasn’t afraid to go for broke and make some weird choices. They nailed two of my favorite parts of the book which was the lepper and the Paul Bunyan was a visually stunning achievement I wouldn’t be surprised if this ending up being an iconic scene in the future. They do answer questions on why Pennywise never tortured the losers alone because that’s when their most vulnerable but in the flashbacks we get much more backstory on all the struggles the losers club had to deal with growing up in Derry.

The thing I took most from this movie is Bill Hader he is something special in the making we seen it in The Skeleton Twins he could be a dramatic actor and in Barry he showed us his range as an actor as well as an director and now with his breakthrough big screen performance in this he will be a superstar in the next couple years.

4.5/5 stars

Article written by Aaron Friar

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