[Review] ‘Scary Stories To Tell in The Dark’ has everything we hoped to see

Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark is simply this generations Creepshow for younger enthusiasts of the horror genre. I’ve seen a lot of flack for this film already with fans of the material all in their 30s or older complaining and groan that it’s PG-13 frankly they need to get over themselves it’s based off a kids series I get their standpoint on the films rating they hold it close and dear but what they don’t realize is that PG-13 films aren’t like PG-13 films 20 years ago. Like Eli Roth’s The Last Exorcism before it Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark pushes the envelope to the maximum capacity that it could. It’s really intense and fast paced there a few spots here and there that could have been cut down to 90 minutes in my opinion instead of the 108 minute runtime that it stands at. All in all it’s a massive success and I hope they give it a shot to be the franchise it deserves. It could be like Goosebumps without training wheels for kids. It’s such an awesome thing to see a film rated PG-13 that a family could go to or a parent who is in love with the source material could also take their children to and introduce them to a whole new world of horror. That would gradually show them Stephen King Joe Hill and Clive Barker. Andre Ovredal did such a fun job directing this film and whom ever did the visual effects on the movie deserves an Oscar nomination it’s some of the coolest visual effects I’ve seen in a horror film in a very long time and some of that could be credited to GTD but if you’ve seen Andrè’s classic found footage film Trollhunters you know he can make a damn great action sequence in the genre horror and this is simply a stunning showcase for his directing abilities. I’d like to see him take a reboot of Hellraiser honestly I’d think he would be an awesome choice(see The Autopsy of Jane Doe) if you have children of your own I’d say ages 8 and above would be fine with seeing the grisly images in the film there are some scary eerie moments that might scare them but not too frightening.

Final grade:


Article written by Aaron Friar

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