[Review] ’16th episode’ is quite terrifying and hilarious

16th episode is quite terrifying and often hilarious as the leads do such a great job with showing their chemistry on camera. A lot of you may be turned off for some major reasons as it’s already a “POV” shot style of movie so I was glad I could multitask during the film because I get motion sickness easily with movies like these. Which is why I tend to steer clear from them. I am glad I watched this latest effort in the sub genre of horror however. It had qualities I loved and adored including like-able leads and a phenomenal score to go along with sharp writing and ace directing. Also this movie might turn off some of our readers because it is often hilarious. I know a lot of people get turned off real quick when there’s a lot of humor involved in their horror. In this however I’m glad to say it was really well used. Almost meta in way that in knew the kind of movie they were making and played on its tropes a bit which was awesome so many horror films fail where this one succeeded. Also the gore and vfx that was used looked really great. I would highly recommend this. For those who are like me with motion sickness it’s not all shaky all the time which is nice you have a lot of still moments. I would like to see the crew from this film continue their careers because something really extraordinary is bound to happen.


Three struggling YouTubers hope to gain a surge of new followers by streaming a satanic ritual. They soon realize the ritual is real, and their viewers have tuned in to see them die.

Now available on digital platforms.


Article written by Aaron Friar

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