[Review] Midsommar is the horror film of the summer

Fans of Hereditary will love the directors follow up with Midsommar! This movie is unlike anything you have ever seen. For fans of the horror genre like me thinking this looks like the original The Wicker Man(not the Nic Cage one) couldn’t be more wrong which is a pleasant surprise. The only similarities I seen from this and the Wicker Man were the natives singing in a festival but that was it! The dark comedy in this is used perfectly. It’s not as distracting as some other films in the genre. I always seem to see a lot of the new horror mix in almost Seth Rogen like comedy in their horror films which usually never mixes unless it’s heavy on the comedy with a sprinkle of horror. Jack Reynor who I haven’t seen in much of anything did a fantastic job showcasing his range. William Jackson Harper from The Good Place finally gets something to bite into and delivers an extraordinary mature performance. Florence Pugh did the best job out of everybody in the cast carrying a realistic decent into grief and depression. Right now Ari Aster is two for two with his A24 run and I cannot wait to see what he delivers next!


Article written by Aaron Friar

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