[Review] Into The Dark: Culture Shock

Culture Shock directed by Gigi Saul Guerrero’s whom makes a stunning feature that some will compare to Blumhouse’s previous Oscar Winner “Get Out” and I suspect this one will be an Emmy winner as well as multiple Golden Globe winner. This is such an enthralling brilliant take on everyone’s worst nightmare right now which is the border crisis. I usually don’t get political in post or my reviews. This however is too important to ignore. This movie almost put me in terrifying tears and I hope everyone sets aside their differences this Fourth of July and watches the most important horror movie of the year. Gigi is an incredible human being and you can tell she had a lot to say and it never feels forced or cheesy which some horror movies that make a political statement come across. Remember when the original Planet Of The Apes was about our nations fear of Communism? Well fast forward to now and we have the same fear with the border. The cast is also terrific. Including a knockout Shawn Ashmore who just dominates every scene he is in fans of his turn in Fox’s “The Following” will love him in this. Martha Higareda is sure to win multiple awards for her astounding breathtakingly real and genuine performance as Marisol. This would make Jordan Peele proud to see his concern after he made “Get Out” about today’s nation heard and Gigi is continuing the conversation in this surreal thriller that demands to be watched multiple times. I cannot tell you how much I loved this movie because there is no words to describe it and the impact it will have on its viewer.

5/5 stars.

Article written by Aaron Friar

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