Infamous Horror’s top 5 most anticipated horror movies of the year

Here is my top five anticipated horror movies of the year so far! Including Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark, Midsommar, Crawl, It: Chapter 2 and Annabelle Comes Home. Do you have any specific movies you’re looking forward to? You can let us know below.

1- Midsommar: why am I looking forward to this so much first off I loved Hereditary so, so much! This film also looks like one of my all time favorite films “The Wicker Man”(the original not the Nic Cage one)

02- Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark: I’m really looking forward to this because the marketing and trailers have really been on point. We know we have GDT as the producer and the director of this seems humbled to be taking on such a beloved kids book franchise.

3-Crawl: Ah yeah Sam Raimi and his producing chips are top notch for horror films like this and I’m glad to see a creature feature get a 4DX release that will be fun with all the water effects you’ll get from this on a hot summer the two brothers who wrote the screenplay also seem like very nice people.

4- It Chapter 2: I honestly expected this to be higher on my list ever since the casting of Bill Hader hot off showcase of Barry which is one of TVs best action comedy shows also James McAvoy involved how can you not be somewhat excited for this. If the IMAX showtimes aren’t late at night you can bet that I’ll be there for IMAX in this one. I remember seeing the first one opening night in RPX and it was amazing.

5- Annabelle Comes Home: I didn’t enjoy the first one too much but I loved Annabelle Creation! So my anticipation is slightly held back knowing this could end up like the Cloverfield or The Blair Witch project franchise and I only end up only liking one in the bunch. Also I’m really hoping the Warrens don’t feel forced in this sequel. Which will also be getting an IMAX and 4DX release.

Article written by Aaron Friar

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