[Review] ‘Murder Made Easy’ is a fun thrill ride

Murder Made Easy is a fun thrill ride made by David Palamaro it is quick with its wit and indie charm with a cast that shows you how it’s done with such a low budget. The acting is top notch along with the direction is unbeatably good! The classic game of a twisted Clue is sure to delight a lot of horror fans and I will appreciate it if you check out my friends film. It would mean the world!


Best pals Joan and Michael host an elaborate dinner party for their closest friends on the anniversary of the death of Joan’s husband. But as each guest arrives they find their very lives are on the menu to protect a secret that links them all.

Murder Made Easy is directed by David Palamaro from a screenplay co-scribed by Tim Davis. Christopher Soren Kelly (Fargo, Infinity Chamber), Jessica Graham (BnB Hell) star alongside Shiela Cutchlow (The Wire, True Detective), Edmund Lupinski (Hello My Name Is Doris), Daniel Ahearn (SMILF), Emilia Richeson (Psycho Sleepover) and Paul Rose Jr. (Bones, Castle).

Article written by Aaron Friar

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