[News] ‘Child’s Play’ sequel might be coming soon

Chucky is so hot in Hollywood right now the original films are going to continue as a tv series.. We shall see how that goes I for one loved the remake it surprised the heck out of me I expected it to be trash the trailers made it look like a lazy attempt but man did they undersell it.

At the end of the new Child’s Play, audiences are introduced to all-new products in Chucky’s profitable line of merchandise. Some of them look like palette-swaps of Chucky himself, but another, more drastically different design could be more important later-Buddi Bears.

The director said this about his idea.

“I think that was presented a little too short in this movie, what the Buddi Bears are and can be capable of doing.”

So this to me sounds like he could be making a Chucky universe with multiple dolls or robot dolls on a killing spree which can be cool. Imagine a better version of Demonic Toys.

So we shall see where the franchise goes it still needs to be profitable enough to green light a sequel.

Article written by Aaron Friar

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