[Review] ‘Child’s Play’ is the biggest surprise of the year

Child’s Play should be the sleeper hit of 2019 but we know how fans of the horror genre treat their remakes/reboots. It’s like movies they love were handed down to them as a family heirloom. Yes there are some updates in this take of Child’s Play because horror movies that are updated should go with the times and what scares us now? Child toys that are robots or drones that go haywire. Also let’s be real with ourselves and admit the original isn’t as great as you remember. It was beyond campy and when it solely focused on Chucky the doll it was way too comical. I really enjoyed Mark Hamill as Chucky my goodness his voiceover work was truest mesmerizing and menacing it must help him that he does such a great as The Joker in the animated Batman films he’s appeared in. Because even though it was only his voice he controlled the screen. I felt for the guy making the robot in the very beginning coding and welding is such a hard job and if you don’t do it 100% correct it messes up the whole freaking project so I get it. Also the biggest scene stealer is Atlanta and Widows star Brian Tyree Henry I honestly couldn’t get enough of him as Detective Mike such a like-able guy. Aubrey Plaza was fantastic in this! Fans of her comedic work will like seeing her in a serious role and she nailed it. I like to avoid spoilers for movies like this on its opening week. I will say it does leave a possibility for a sequel and it’s a fun 90 minutes! So give this one a shot!

4/5 stars.

Article written by Aaron Friar

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