[Review] ‘Villains’ should be a priority for fans of sadistic dark humor

Gunpowder and Sky’s Villains should be a high priority for fans of sadistic dark humor in their horror. This is in fact the Citizen Kane of sadistic horror comedies. In which Kyra Sedgwick gives a knock out performance along with Jeffrey Donovan who should be recognized as a movie star in the making after this stunning showcase of the sadistic George a husband who is clearly unhinged. Imagine if a home invasion plan goes horribly wrong and the couples house you break into is ready to up the ante on everything you try to pull this is what you get. This is like “You’re Next” on cocaine. Maika Monroe also continues to prove she’s a worthy addition to any genre film. Bill Skarsgård probably gives the films most grounded performance as Mickey. I don’t want to give much of the film away but prepare to be wowed and amazed at this incredible film. I can’t urge you to see this enough.

Article written by Aaron Friar

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