[Review] ‘Ma’ is the real MVP of independent horror of the year.

The story focuses on Sue Ann who as a teen was bullied by her peers(honestly wanted to give the teenage Sue Ann a hug and say it’s okay)… Fast forward to the present Sue Ann is down on her luck working a crap job as a Vet for animals. She meets a group of kids in front of a gas station as newcomer Maggie asks her to buy some beer and liquor which she agrees to do. She becomes the groups go to person to but liquor and beer. She turns convinced them to just party at her house “So she can be at ease without having them drink and drive”

All seems well and dandy as they have the ultimate place to chill. Unsupervised by their parents which is a teenagers dream(come on we’ve all been there we know…) Then paradise quickly descends into hell. Sue Ann reveals her true troubled self in spades. Maggie is the one to truly notice there’s something hiding inside Ma. Then Ma makes her revenge plot known.

The story felt like Carrie getting revenge to me. I did enjoy this movie a lot even if the story didn’t fully live up to its potential. The cast was all excellent and Octavia Spencer reminds us she is a national treasure after The Shape Of Water and now Ma I hope she stays in the horror genre for a few movies. Juliet Lewis also shines as Maggie’s mom(the true scene stealer) also a knockout small bit from Alison Janey(TV’s Mom, I, Tonya). It felt like Carrie growing up and getting revenge. You won’t see anything new or game changing in this move but Ma is one hell of a treat.


Article written by Aaron Friar

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