A ‘Black Christmas’ remake is coming THIS YEAR by Blumhouse

Are you ready for a third take on Black Christmas? I for one loved the original the remake was forgettable. This is one movie I don’t mind getting remade because we can implement what is going on in our society today and use that as a terrifying plot in a remake. The new film is being released by Blumhouse who previously said he would like to reboot as many franchises as possible so this is a great way to start Green Room Star Imogen Poots and will be releasing December 13th 2019.

Aleyse Shannon (Charmed), Brittany O’Grady (Star), Lily Donoghue (The Goldbergs, Jane the Virgin) and Caleb Eberhardt (Broadway’s Choir Boy) will also star.

In the original classic, released in 1974, a group of sorority girls are stalked by a stranger during Christmas break. His name is Billy, and he’s calling from inside the house…

In the new film, Hawthorne College is quieting down for the holidays. One by one, sorority girls on campus are being killed by an unknown stalker. But the killer is about to discover that this generation’s young women aren’t willing to become hapless victims as they mount a fight to the finish.

Article written by Aaron Friar

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