[Review] Brightburn has set the bar high for future evil superhero movies

Brightburn has set the bar high for future evil superhero movies to come but as an intense film it stalls. The comic book nerd of me loved the idea of a evil superhero that was a fresh idea think of what if Dane DeHaan’s character from Chronicle got a spin-off or if the kid from Midnight Special was pure evil with the abilities that’s what you get with the new film. The acting was superb even if Elizabeth Banks’ character was a little underwritten the actor that stood out was David Denman(Yes that is Roy from The Office) he was phenomenal as the father torn between loving his son or doing what has to be done to end his evil streak. If you dig DC’s take on dark and gritty superhero films this will be up your alley. If you’re one of the people wanting a really gory take on an evil superhero film it won’t please you, I can count on one hand how many scenes with gore was in the entire film. Also it wasn’t as intense as the hype train was creating so that was a tad disappointing. Yes it had moments but nothing spectacular in that arena. I left the theater realizing I didn’t love this film like I wanted to, however I really did enjoy it.


Article written by Aaron Friar

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